05 Feb 2019

Mountain walk to discover the Polynesian landscapes

Polynesian Landscapes
Mountain walk to discover the Polynesian landscapes

The mountains of Polynesia are so fascinating to visit. From the distance, the green mountains look so spectacular amid the blue-green ocean in the background. Popular mountains for walking are the Aorai Mount which is 2,066 meters high. You can also hike to the Te Pari which is located at the extreme peninsula of Tahiti. Walking along the mountains in French Polynesia, you can marvel at the beauty of the Polynesian landscape.

The Polynesian landscape

  • Spectacular waterfalls,
  • Deep valleys,
  • Mountains
  • Peaceful rivers,
  • Freshwater stream,
  • Bays and lagoons,
  • Lush tropical forest.

Walking along Tahiti mountains

Tahiti is popular for its black-sand beaches. It is also endowed with the most spectacular landscapes in the French Polynesia.

1- Lush tropical forest: The view of the lush green forests from the Tahiti mountain is mesmerizing. In fact, the forest is home to a rich flora diversity, especially:

  • Beautiful flowers,
  • Over 1000 plant species,
  • A very old chesnut tree,
  • Banyan trees,
  • Huge ferns.
  • The forest houses endemic bird species, especially the « Monarque de Tahiti ».
  • Mount Aorai is the third-highest peak in Tahiti with a high of 2066m. If you hike to the mountain top, you can admire the lush green tropical forest of the French Polynesia.
  • Mount Papeete and Moorea are endowed with thick rainforest, which stretches several miles. You will be fascinated when you hear the magical sound of the endemic bird species in the Papeete and Moorea forest.
  • Walking along the Valley of the Kings in the Bora Bora Island, you can enjoy the beautiful sight of the lush vegetation.

2- Mountains: The French Polynesian landscape encompasses the curving mountains of Papeete and Moorea.

You will also enjoy the fascinating, panoramic view of the high peak the Mont Te Tara o Maiao of just across the deep valley.

3- Botanical garden: Walking along the Jardin d'Eau (Garden of water) of Vaipahi or the in Papeari, you can enjoy the beauty of the panoramic landscape. From the Temahani Mount in the Raiatea island, you can marvel at the beauty of the endemic flower tiare.

4- Bays: Walking to the Belvédère top in Moorea Island, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the two bays of Moorea. If you walk along the trails in Tahaa Island, you can admire the panoramic view of the bays from the high peak.

5- Lagoon: The view of the lagoon from the Tapu, in Huahine Island is so magical. You can walk, ride on horse back or cycle to reach the mount top.

6- River: Walk along the Faaora valley in Raiatea Island, and admire the site of the river as well as the archeological site in the Fareatai valley.

7- Faarumai Waterfalls: The French Polynesia landscape encompasses 3 spectacular waterfalls, especially the Hakaui waterfall in Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands. The other one is just a few miles from the Arahoho Blowhole. If you walk to the Papenoo Valley, you can admire more majestic waterfalls. You can view the beautiful waterfall and the surrounding landscape when you walk or go on horseback.

Discover the Polynesian landscape

If you plan to discover the beauty of the Polynesian landscape, it is recommended to start the hike or walk early in the morning. It is important to stay hydrated during the long walk, especially when it is hot.

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