The best hiking routes in Polynesia

Photo The best hiking routes in Polynesia

The term “Polynesia” denotes a group of thousands of islands located in Southern Pacific Ocean. The term was coined by Charles de Brosses in 1756. It includes The Polynesians include Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand and Easter Island.

Features of hiking routes in Polynesia

French Polynesia is composed of five groups of islands, which are the Windward and the Leeward Islands, the Marquesas Islands, the Gambier Islands, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Austral islands, and the Gambier Islands. These islands are categorized as French overseas countries. As a result, they enjoy the same tourist facilities, safety and security standards as in France. For example, the same French are applied to the Polynesian domestic airlines, land and maritime transports. What is more, restaurants and hotels also follow the same standards as in France.

The islands are rich in plant and cultural diversity, and quite irresistible for hiking. The climate is warm and humid with a temperature of an average 27°C. Coconut palm trees decorate the islands, which give them a picturesque view. The green forests coupled with the mountains make the Polynesians ideal retreats for hiking.

If you are passionate in trekking and hiking, the Polynesians are the best destinations for you. You will have a refreshing holiday with the fresh air, the lush green landscape, the unique fauna and flora. Everything you will make you so energized through the hikes.

For the most enjoyable and invigorating hike in the Polynesians, consider the following hiking trails

  •  Départ Orohen
  •  Fachauda
  •  Fautaua
  •  Moorea Tipanier Crete et pic de l'Uui
  •  Pirae
  •  Santier Milles Sources Mahina
  •  Temehani
  •  Tipearui la Cascade
  •  Wasserfalle

Safety tips and precautions for hiker travelers in the Polynesians

Bigger cities are always more dangerous than rural villages. Therefore, to make your trip to The Polynesians enjoyable, it is safe to take the following precautions.

  •  For precautions, it is advisable to hire a guide when you go hiking in the Polynesians.
  •  Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and accessories when hiking. The French Polynesians are generally safe. However, precautions should be always taken.
  •  Do not carry a large amount of money. Also, avoid showing that you have so much money in your wallet or with you. For precautions, it is advisable to only carry the exact amount that you need on a daily basis with you.
  •  Avoid involving yourself in a fight. In under no circumstances should you get involved in a fight, wherever it takes place. It is safe to get away from such a dangerous situation.

How to get there?

You may find it challenging to organize your hiking trip to the French Polynesians. That is probably because you have never thought about going hiking in these picturesque islands before. However, you can make things possible by getting more information about flights and hotels in Polynesia.

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